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Miami Florida FE Meetup on the First Sunday of every Month starting at 2:00 at Biscayne Shores and Gardens Park, 11525 NE 14th Ave., Miami, FL. If you are the first to arrive, just place a piece of paper with the letters “FE” on any table so we can find you. Come early, stay late. Free to all, bathrooms on site. Contact person is “FE Realtor” on the app in North Miami.


  • Sarudzayi Wilson
    January 29, 2023, 5:58 pm  Reply

    Good Afternoon Karen B! I just found out about the FE meet up in Miami and am a so excited. I have been praying to meet other truthers in the Miami area for quite awhile now. I have found that many people refuse to take the blinders off and research for themselves… There are so many lies that we have been ingrained, from birth really, to believe that for many it is hard to accept truth… S

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