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Flat Earth Friendly meetup in TN!
Monday, May 27th at
Tri-Community fire hall in Apison, Tennessee
11115 Park Place, Apison, TN 37302.

Feel free to begin gathering around 12PM EST and stay as long as you want.

I have yet to see the place, but I’ve heard it has a kitchen and restrooms and is about the size of the place we typically use. I’m not sure how many seats they will have, so you may want to bring fold up chairs if you have them.
Also, we will try to provide pizzas like we usually do, but feel free to treat this like a potluck and bring food, snacks and or drinks in case we have a large crowd.
I never know what to expect with numbers, so the more we have the better.

If you believe you’re for sure going to attend, please RSVP to this [email protected] so we can get an estimate.

Josh & Family


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