Rules of the Music Camp

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  • No driving while intoxicated.

  • No distilled alcohol unless served by a licensed and insured caterer.

  • No Glass.

  • No Firearms or Weapons of any kind.

  • No Fireworks.

  • No Unauthorized Vending.

  • No Cruising.

  • No River Access or Swimming.

  • Amplified music may not be projected at a volume that disturbs other guests or neighbors. ¬†Amplified music may not be projected after 10:00pm without the expressed consent of Music Camp Management. Amplified music may never be projected after 12:00am.

  • No confetti or birdseed are permitted.

  • No cutting of live trees or destruction of vegetation is allowed. No nails in trees please.

  • Providers of any temporary shelters and/or tents, except camping tents, must be bonded and insured.

  • SHE reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone and remove with reasonable force persons violating the policies of The Music Camp.

  • Client and guests agree to operate within Spartanburg County, State and Federal Law while at The Music Camp.

Thank you!