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Bob Knodel 1960-2023

Bob Knodel was a researcher of conspiracies for well over 20 years and was an active member of the truther community since 9/11.  During his research he came to realize that most conspiracies are beyond the theory stage and enter well into the realm of conspiracy fact.  Upon that realization Bob never looked back and continued to research the many lies perpetrated on society until he passed on April 6, 2023.

Bob’s background in engineering as well as his experience as a pilot helped him to put together the critical pieces and to realize that we are clearly not on a spinning ball flying through the universe at millions of miles per hour.

GlobebustersOn July 25, 2015 Bob teamed up with Jeran Campanella of the Jeranism channel to start the popular You Tube channel GLOBEBUSTERS and had been investigating the unlikelihood of the universe as described by mainstream indoctrination. Bob is now a full on flat earther and spends his time presenting the more technical aspects of the flat earth model along with Jeran, Iru Landucci of the Nur Para Todos YouTube channel, and Jon Christopulos of TheMorgile YouTube channel.

Bob realized that most people are blissfully unaware of the level to which we have been lied to about the nature of our reality and knew that this was an uphill battle for the flat earth and truther community. He was dedicated to making this world a better place for humanity and the generations to follow.
BE LIKE BOB! We miss you, Bob

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