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  Globebusters is a team of flat earth researches who have become globe-busting experts and are lead by Bob Knodel! Bob and Cami Knodel, Zack Zabala and Austin Witsit of

Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent, the creator of Flat Earth Clues and Host of Strange World for 7 years. We are pleased to announce the return of Mark Sargent to Flatoberfest 2022! Subscribe

Austin Witsit

  In a world, where Austin Whitsitt travelled the U.S. publicly speaking about Flat Earth. He toured almost every major city in the country and to this day is still

Sean Griffin

Sean and Lindsey Griffin started Kingdom In Context to help people read the Bible in context. This has led to several hundred videos and many heated debates with Christian pastors

Benjamin Balderson

Jason Lindgren

Jason Lindgren Jason is the co-host of the Crrow 777 radio show, a film-maker and musician.  His channel is Secrets of Saturn. Secrets of Saturn can be found on Rokfin

Marty Leeds

  Marty Leeds is a disciple of Christ, an author, lecturer, documentarian, musician, teacher of the mysteries and preacher of the heart. Go to Marty’s website here:

Bob Knodel

    Bob Knodel has been a researcher of conspiracies for well over 20 years and has been an active member of the truther community since 9/11.  During his research

Karen B

  Karen B. – Hostess Owner and coordinator for Flat Earth Festivals