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Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy is an author, researcher and speaker who began a 16 year quest for truth after witnessing 9/11 up close and finding problems with the official narrative.  Subsequently, Dave

Mark Devlin

Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. As a DJ he has played gigs in over 40 different countries. In 2010, he underwent what

Amandha Vollmer

Amandha Dawn Vollmer Professional Holistic Health Practitioner Amandha Dawn Vollmer, affectionately known as ADV, is a renowned health expert and best-selling author with an impressive breadth of knowledge on natural

Jeran Campanella

Jeran Campanella is a YouTube and Rokfin Video Creator and Live Streamer.  He started in 2015 after seeing Mark Sargent’s Flat Earth Clues.  He is also a crypto, personal life

Greg Reese

Flat Earth Festivals are excited to have Greg Reese presenting live this year in Las Vegas! Greg has created a new form of journalism with his short videos, Greg Reese

Mark Sargent

One of our nearest and dearest, we are proud to have Mark Sargent at Flatoberfest 2023 in Las Vegas! Subscribe to Mark Sargent at the following links! Mark Sargent on

Austin Witsit

  Austin Whitsitt, the founder of Audit NASA is a flat earth activist, debater, musician, and content creator. Austin has travelled the U.S. doing activism and is in the process

Benjamin Balderson

Benjamin Balderson hails from Murder Mountain, California! Joining us for a second year is Ben, the host of the podcast Odin’s Alchemy. Ben lives off-grid in the mountains of Northern

Jason Lindgren

Jason Lindgren is the co-host of the Crrow 777 radio show, a film-maker and musician.  His channel is Secrets of Saturn. Secrets of Saturn can be found on Rokfin and